About The Laksh Foundation

The Laksh Foundation prides itself in offering a more holistic approach to education; offering students learning and understanding in a broader spectrum of subjects alongside the rudimentary school subjects: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Our tutorial provide health and hygiene lessons, craft classes, physical education, basic computer training, a nutritious snack during our supplementary classes after school.  We admit children from three years old to eighteen years old, we never turn a child away. Classes are determined according to their academic ability rather than on an age basis. This ensures that every child is correctly provided for academically, children are supported and challenged through this approach. Our teaching staff are local village people who have graduated from either the 10th standard or 12th standard. Their teaching methods are often determined by their own experience of school, rote learning and little interactive approaches to teaching. However, with the combined efforts of our permanent Laksh team and volunteers from our successful volunteer program (Warwick University, UK) the Laksh teachers have embraced contemporary teaching methods. A typical Laksh school day begins at 8.30 am with where our teachers prepare their lesson plans for their tutorials of the day; discuss any problems they had the day before and also study their course for examinations they are going to qualify in. A lot of emphasis during our tutorials is given on personal hygiene, awareness of environment and national and local news.

1 thought on “About The Laksh Foundation

  1. Kindly provide your correspondance address and mobile number. We would like to contribute Rs. 100000/- towards corporate social Responsibility. My name is S.K.GUPTA and mobile number is 9717437711


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