Group 3 of Warwick Volunteers

In this blog I am going to introduce the last batch of the Warwick volunteers. We met four wonderful people on Monday 31st August 2015 who are with us for four weeks to teach creative ideas and help the Laksh teachers and students in Maths and English. Hasan reads Political science, Philosophy & Economics, Gwen graduated in French with Film, Jasmine studies Social work and Megan is studying French and Italian. They visited all the tutorial centres in the evening and were very happy to see both the children and teachers.


On Tuesday they started the morning ‘Teacher Training’ class with an introduction. They started with an icebreaker activity which involved using alliteration to create memorable names such as: Happy Hasan, Jumping Jasmine etc. Hence we learnt our names with words. It was a really good idea to learn new words by remembering the names of each other. Then the Warwick volunteers asked: “What did the Laksh teachers learn from the last two batches?” I was happy to hear all the activities from every teacher. The Laksh teachers are improving quickly and taking advantage of the Warwick Volunteers. They also questioned the teachers: “What do you want to learn from us?” After that they mentioned many thing such as: time & class management, teaching skills, confidence building and innovative techniques of teaching etc.


IMG_20150901_103643 (1)IMG_20150902_173700


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