Week 2 of second batch

On 10th August, 2015 the Warwick volunteers started the morning class teaching Probability. We asked them to teach probability to the Laksh teachers because they often find it difficult when they teach it to the kids. Therefore they planned the morning lesson on this topic and explained probability very well. One way that they explained probability was by using lots of simple examples such as, the day after Tuesday will be Wednesday, etc. Then they explained how likely something is to happen with words like impossible, certain and even odds. They also explained different types of probability such as Theoretical probability and Experimental probability. We played a probability game with the teachers and students as well. In the game we pointed to the corners of room and named them likely, unlikely, impossible, certainly and even odds, and then we asked lots question and got the teachers to think about the probability of the question and then go into the correct corner. They enjoyed it lots and they also asked questions regarding probability to each other.



English lesson started with reading and how to make reading fun. They demonstrated first how to make the reading fun and then asked to the teachers to do the same. This was done by them asking the teachers to focus on their expressions, voice, instructions, acting and body language. We then played two games during the English lesson. In the first game, one instructor gave instructions to all of us such as, Make the statue of a soldier, etc. In the second game we divided ourselves into two teams and one instructor asked both the teams to make the structure of an object by using their bodies. We really enjoyed it and it was a new memorable technique to make children learn object names in English and Hindi. They are doing this learning by making the structure of object with their bodies. Everybody was engaged in the activity and had lots of fun as well as learnt.


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