7th August, 2015 Friday fun day

7th August,2015(Friday)

We started the morning class by making greeting cards. We asked the teachers to draw something related to the Laksh project and Laksh farm on the front page of the card. It took an hour to draw the cards and colour them in. Then the Warwick Volunteers explained a game for fun Friday.


Use different shapes and make objects.

They introduced some unseen shapes such as, pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon and Octagon and some irregular shapes such as, kite and star as well. They also introduced some familiar shapes such as, circle, triangle, rectangle and square. They then asked the teachers to draw some objects by using the shapes. They decided the time constraints depending on how hard the object was to draw. How do we make it more creative and funny? Make it a game. They decided the scoring system for each object which they drew in their note books by using the shapes. The criteria of the scoring system was based on the number of sides of a shape, for example a triangle has three sides so they marked it as 3 marks and the marking system was increased in the same order. There were some conditions for the marking system as well, such as if you use a shape again then you will get only one mark. One more condition was if you used a shape more than ten times then you got zero marks for each additional use. Then they asked the teachers to draw some objects by using the shapes and made sure they followed the instructions very well. The teachers liked it and they were excited to get high marks. They played it very well and organised it in evening classes as well. The students enjoyed it very much too! They looked like they were having lots of fun with the activity. The main idea behind the activity was to try to teach them new shapes as I mentioned above. They also learnt the number of sides and angles of different shapes too. Hence we are trying to teach them with fun activities and trying to encourage them towards studying. The Warwick Volunteering program is really useful for the Laksh teachers and students as well!


Lots of love,

Madan Sharma


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