Week first of second batch

As I mentioned in my previous blog about the 2nd batch, we have four volunteers and they have specializations in different subjects. We decided to divide the morning teachers training class into two sessions. One session for Mathematics and the second session for English. Shirin and Jade teach English ; Adam and Giles teach Maths. On Tuesday morning they started the morning class with their introduction and they asked some questions to the Laksh teachers such as, what do they find difficult to teach the students of Mathematics and English. They started maths class first and taught additions. They taught how to arrange the numbers using the place value such as, unit digit, tens, hundreds and thousands. They used different shapes to teach the place value such as, circle for unit, triangle for tens, rectangle for hundreds and pentagon for thousands. Hence, they taught the addition along with shapes.


Jade and Shirin started the English with alphabet song by using the letters. They asked the teachers to pick a letter and pronounce it many times and then say a word beginning with the same letter. The whole idea behind the activity was to correct the pronunciation of letters and increasing vocabulary as well. After that they organised the conversation activity among the teachers such as, Doctor and patient , customer and shopkeeper, friends calling and customer to waiter etc. They organised the activity to improve the communication skills and confidence of the teachers. They also organised an activity where the teachers complimented each others teaching qualities. We made a circle and asked one person to turn around and the rest said one good thing about him or her.

They worked on reading and listening skills with the teachers and students by using English story books and their school books as well. It was very useful to the teachers and students as well. So the group two is doing amazing things with the Laksh teachers and students as well. We are really enjoying their creative ideas and learning lots of new things everyday


Lots of love,

Madan Sharma


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