The Final Week Of Group 1

This was the last week of the first batch of Warwick Volunteers and they worked on life skills education in morning classes. They started on Monday with the Curriculum Vitae. They explained the uses of CV’s and how to write them. They taught the basic points that form the foundation of writing a CV. All the teachers wrote their own CV using the computers. They wrote their personal information along with educational qualifications and work experience as well. The next day they started to write covering letters for jobs. It was hard to learn for them because they are not used to writing covering letters but they seemed very excited to learn it. They worked on interview skills as well. They asked their interest of working  and taught them how to be prepared for interviews. It was really interesting to know their job choices after they will finish their study. The whole idea behind this particular lesson plan was to make the teachers more presentable and confident.

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I still can not believe the four weeks has gone so quickly. It seems like we met them one week ago. It was really wonderful with the volunteers. We worked very hard with them and our students learnt lots of things from them. Today, they started the morning class with Origami and taught some different things such as: how to make a crown, swan and boat. It was fun day today and everyone had lots of fun. We played volleyball and cricket then had Jalebi and samosas. The Warwick Volunteers said a massive thanks to the Laksh teachers. The volunteers visited all centres to say bye to the students as well.

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Thank you very much Puja, Fiona, Matt and Carli for being with us for four weeks. You are adorable and made lots of improvement to our project. We will try to carry on forever what you taught us and improved our system.

Lots of love,

Madan Sharma x


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