Welcome batch 2nd at the Laksh Foundation

Warwick Group 2

3rd August, 2015, we greeted the second batch of the Warwick volunteers. There are four volunteers Mr. Adam Walter, Mr. Giles Carey, Ms. Jade Vidler and Ms. Shirin Shah. They visited all the centres in evening and they were inspired . We started our morning class with the introduction of volunteers. They introduced their name and education. Mr. Adam finished his Economics degree along with Maths post graduation certificate of education, Mr. Giles finished his Mathematics honours, Ms. Jade finished her degree of Childhood, Education and Society and Ms. Shirin Shah finished her degree in Politics and Economics as well. We are very lucky to have them. They settled in very well and seems they are working with the Laksh since a long time. We planned lots of activities to teach the teachers and students as well.

11836807_10206578144066325_914312239976100353_nScreen Shot 2015-08-04 at 17.02.06


Lots of love ,

Madan Sharma


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