Week 3

As we have weekly planned for the morning and evening classes; we started this week with presentations. The Warwick volunteers made four presentations on different topics. Ms. Fiona represented the education system of the United Kingdom. She explained very well about the schools functioning and University Education as well. Mr. Matt represented the Political and Economic system, Ms. Puja and Ms. Carli presented the Society and Culture of the United Kingdom. All presentations were very creative and informative as well. They used pictures and explained them very well. We got lots of ideas to assign the presentation for our teachers and students as well.

Fiona Presentation Matt Presentation Puja Carli Presentation

We assigned some topics to the teachers such as; Mr. Ramesh made his on Indian History, Zamaluddin made his on the Indian political system, Washim made it on the Indian Education system, Ms. Ritu on Indian culture and Ms. Sangeeta on Indian society. They all tried very well to make the presentations creative and informative as they learnt from the Warwick volunteers presentations. We found lots of similarities between the United Kingdom and India on each topic.

Ramesh Presentation Wasim Presentation Jamalu Presentation Girls Presentation

We decided to give some easy topics to our students as well. We chose some topics for them such as  village life, monsoon crops, village festivals, local governing bodies and explanations of their schools. First, teachers presented their presentation in front of the students and then assigned them the above mentioned topics. We gave the topics VI to IX class students in groups.  We made sure each group had a student from all classes and each group made presentations on their assigned topic. We gave them lots of ideas to collect the information for their presentation topics. We found they tried very hard and were looking very happy with their presentations because they learnt new things. They were very excited for the presentation and explained them very well.  Hence, we are trying to teach some more creative things along with their school curriculum.

dhauj presentation 1 Dhauj presentation 2


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