The Second Week of July 2015

The second week started with the revision of punctuations and speech marks. We asked the teachers to make some sentences of conversation using the speech marks and punctuations and we found the teachers understood it very well. The next day we started the class by explaining apostrophe’s. The Warwick volunteers taught the teachers how to use the apostrophe’s to join two words and how the pronunciation of the words changes as we use apostrophe’s. We asked the teachers to write some joining words using the apostrophe’s such as (do not makes don’t etc.) They taught possessive apostrophe’s (shows something belongs to something else) e.g. ‘The car belonging to Madan.’ (Madan’s car). The teachers learnt how to use the apostrophe’s with singular and plural nouns how as well as using irregular plurals.

We found out some new ideas for increasing the vocabulary of teachers and students such as the use of the letters from the word PLANETS to make some more new words – we made 70 words! Hence, we are doing this exercise with the teachers and students as well on a daily basis, using different words.

madan speech marks

On Wednesday we moved to a brand new centre in Alampur Village. It has more space than the older one and more weather protection.

Matt New AlumpurMadan New Alumpur

On Friday we decided to do some art activities with the students and taught the teachers how to write formal and informal letters. They learnt the basics of letters and we taught them how to use computers to write their letters.

Madan Shapes SilakriFriday Comouter Matt Madan

Madan Sharma


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