A week of punctuation…

As I explained in my last blog about the morning classes planning; we started our morning teachers training with a brief introduction. It was really wonderful to know about the studies of the volunteers: Carli is doing PhD in Sociology, Puja is studying Sociology as well, Fiona is studying Childhood Education and Society and Matt is studying Economics. The Laksh teachers introduced themselves along with their study.

We started the teachers training with the introduction of punctuation. The Warwick volunteers introduced the punctuation mark like .( full stop), ! ( exclamation mark), ? ( question mark) and  , ( comma). They asked the teachers, “How do we use the punctuation marks in the sentences?”

madan punc poster

I was really happy to know that the Laksh teachers were answering well and they know a lot about punctuation, except a few. They wrote some paragraphs without using punctuation and asked the teachers to rewrite the paragraph using appropriate punctuation. The Laksh teachers did well and we practised a lot using different ways. We asked the teachers to write a paragraph about themselves and write their daily routine using all the punctuation.

They taught speech marks as well in the same week. The teachers are finding it hard to use the speech marks, so we decided to practice a lot by using the speech marks. We planned an art activity for Friday fun day, so we cut some shapes like circles, triangles, squares and rectangles and made a human body using these shapes. It was quite funny to do that! Basically, the whole idea behind the art activity was that we wanted to introduce about the shapes and their sides but the circle doesn’t have sides. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that with the evening classes due to the rain, but we will definitely do it next Friday along with the next planning which we have already planned for everyday.

Madan body shapes

We discussed about evening classes and decided to start the classes with vocabulary. We made four boxes and asked the students to write the difficult words on flash cards with their Hindi meaning and put them into the box which we already made for each centre.  We are collecting the new words everyday and we will play word games with the students any time and we are trying to increase their vocabulary. The Laksh teachers make the lesson planning for evening classes as they have allotted the classes. They taught the school curriculum along with the word meaning.  We have decided to teach them some general knowledge alongside their curriculum. After the two hour classes we teach them about the Monsoon season and trees of our surrounding. We are trying to increase their knowledge using the different techniques.

Madan Silakrimadan dhauj


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