1st to 3rd September 2014

On the 1st of September 2014, we began our morning session with the feedback from Fridays class. We had workshops on Friday on two topics: i) Origami and ii) Art and crafts. We implemented these activities in the evening classes as well. The teachers and students enjoyed this very much. Then we learnt the tenses past, present and future; how to change the sentences in different tenses. We made lots of sentences, after that we learnt how to use the resources in the evening classes. The Warwick volunteers gave us ten minutes to find some of the resources from the library. They asked to us explain our resources and how we will use them in our evening classes. All the teachers explained the resources very well. It was a very good experience for all of us. Everybody found the resources they wanted to use in their lessons and explained them. We used a new idea of learning. We can ask the students to find the resources from the community and explain them. It was very interesting and creative. After the explanations of the resources, the teachers all made their lesson plans using the resources. The Warwick volunteers checked them and helped to write the lesson plans. Through this activity we were increasing our presentation skills as well.


Evening: – In the afternoon, the Warwick volunteers went to the centres individually. Kim went to Manger Village, Cat went to Manger Hill, Ash went to Silakari and Sara went to Dhauj centre. Everybody used the resources with the lesson planning and the pupils enjoyed the lessons.

On 2nd of September 2014, we discussed about yesterdays class. All the volunteer teachers liked the resources session very much and they got lots of ideas. After that we recapped the tenses with a mini test we learnt the spelling and pronunciation of ‘sh’. They wrote ship,shape,shop,shed, crash, splash, cash and lots of words with ‘sh’ and Warwick volunteers asked the teachers one by one how to spell and pronunciation of the word.

The second hour we found the resources from library and explained how to use them in our evening classes. Everybody had done very well. It was very useful and encouraging.


Evening: In the afternoon, Sara went to Manger Hill centre, Kim went to Dhauj centre, Ash went to Manger Village centre and Cat went to Silakari centre. I visited four centres and I saw the admirable involvement of the students in the class. They all were enjoying their studies as well.

Today we started the morning class with hand writing, because the students make mistakes when they write the letters. Sometimes they write capital letters in the middle of any word e.g. WaRwIcK.  We used hand writing sheets to help the students with their hand writing. After that the Warwick volunteers started to teach prepositions.  Prepositions describe where something is, for example: – The Laksh farm is in the Manger Village. We learnt today on, in front, far from, in, behind, under, inside, outside, opposite, next to etc. Then the teachers found the resources and planned the lessons for the evening classes. Today we had too much rain here so we could not go to the centres. 


Lots of Love

Madan Sharma


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