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Last week of September 2014

Last week of September 2014

As you know the 3rd batch of the Warwick volunteers left us on Friday 19th of September 2014. We all were very sad and the Warwick volunteers were as well. They worked very hard with us. They made major changes at Laksh foundation. They were a miracle for the Laksh teachers and the students. So I would like to thank the University of Warwick, for taking a great initiative and introducing us. This initiative is an amazing way to develop the community and uplift the underprivileged children in this area. I hope the Warwick university keep continue this programme, expanding and reaching more and more people.

Every day we faced challenges while working and tried to sort out them, proving our resilience and hardworking nature. We are learning and trying to develop ourselves alongside the project. I decided to provide training to the Laksh volunteers on pronouns for English and multiplying fraction by fraction for mathematics. I saw the pupils found it difficult to use the appropriate pronouns to fill in the sentences and multiplying fraction by fraction in mathematics. I taught them kinds of pronouns e.g. Personal Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns, Reflexive / Intensive Pronouns:  the “self” pronouns, Indefinite Pronouns, Interrogative Pronouns


We developed worksheets in the morning classes with the teachers to make it easy. We practised with lots of examples and ensured to what we learnt was implemented in the evening classes with the older students because they have same content in their school syllabus. I realised that we are trying to improve their learning skills and have to encourage them towards study. The worksheets we had created for mathematics were really successful with the students and they seemed happy at the end of the lesson. The pupils are having fun with learning. But we want to work with them on the other issues like health education, special education, child rights education, moral education etc. As you know we are working with underprivileged and first learning generation, so we are looking forward to use our resources in order to help make teaching these issues possible. Many times we find difficult to coordinate with the community people because they believe in superstitions. They don’t believe in the education of girls, they don’t send them outside their home for study after the 5th standard. This year Laksh Foundation took initiative in Silakari village, we motivated parents and 15 girls got admission in 6th standard. They went there only for 2 months and then they all dropped their study – it was a great disappointment and of course made us very sad. We asked their parents, and then they said “we need their help in our domestic work and agriculture as well”.  So we need to create a good awareness among the community people and children so that they can understand the importance of education and motivate their kids for further study.


On 25th of September 2014, we decided to organise a workshop on health and hygiene. We demonstrated the right way of teeth brushing. We got some resources from Ash, a Warwick volunteer for the workshop.  First, I asked a group of 26 students about brushing their teeth, but I was shocked to hear that nobody brush the teeth every day. Then picked up a student and gave him a brush with toothpaste and explained them the right way of brushing his teach. I explained following points:

  • Clean the outer surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
  • Clean the inner surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
  • Clean the chewing surfaces
  • For fresher breath, be sure to brush your tongue, too



Lots of Love,

Madan Sharma.



Last week of Warwick group 3

On the 15th of September 2014, the Warwick volunteers organised a career counselling session with the Laksh teachers. They asked a question to the Laksh teacher; how do we achieve our dream career? Then we had a huge discussion on that question and found lots of ways to achieve our dream career.

  • Good education
  • Good communication and technical skills
  • Gain experience
  • Take risks and make mistakes
  • Volunteering
  • Work hard and help others
  • Be open-minded
  • Make sure that money is not everything
  • Use your resources (e.g. internet, networking)
  • Have more confidence
  • Do something that makes you happy
  • Be positive and have patience


On 16th of September 2014, the Warwick volunteers decided to explain employability skills. What makes you employable? We had a huge discussion about the qualities that make you a good employee. Here are some of them:

  • Good communication skills
  • Being a good listener
  • Hard work and patience
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Honesty and resilience
  • Good time-keeping
  • Team work and good interpersonal skills
  • Organisational skills and enthusiasm
  • Being responsible and punctual


The training programme was new for the Laksh teachers. They all enjoyed it and learnt new things.

On 17th of September 2014, the Warwick volunteers organised a workshop on how to format a C.V and explained the importance of a good C.V. Then they discussed interview skills and conducted mock interviews with Laksh teachers. We had a very good time and a nice talk during the interviews. Thus the teachers were more confident about giving interviews at the end of this class, as some of them had never been in an interview situation before.

Today (18th of September 2014), we organised a farewell party for the Warwick volunteers. We played a string game during the farewell party. We started off with a ball of string and everybody passed the string to a person they wanted to thank and said something special about that person. For example, Sara started off the game and passed the string to Shokeen to thank him, who then passed it to Ramesh and Ramesh passed it on to Ash and so on. We were then left with a web, and we all cut off the string at the end to make friendship bracelets for the people we thanked.  The Warwick volunteers organised a lunch party for the Laksh teachers. In the evening they visited all of the centres and said bye to the students and teachers.


Thanks a lot, Warwick group 3!

Lots of love!

Madan Sharma XXX……



3rd week of group three Warwick

On the 8th of September 2014, we began our morning class on conversation. We realised that the teachers don’t use proper tenses when they talk or they explain the lesson plan. The Warwick volunteers wrote dialogues on the black board and the teachers read them. All of them understood and they all are following what they were taught now when they explain something. We all had a very good morning class in this way. We learnt new things.

Evening: Sara went to Silakari Village, Ash went to Dhauj, Kim went to Manger Hill, and Cat went to Manger Village centre. I visited four centres and everybody was very happy with their lesson planning.


On 9th of September 2014, we started our morning class with a recap of yesterday’s lesson and it was a very good starter for the morning class. Then the Warwick volunteers decided to teach punctuation. They taught us the uses of punctuation and good ways to use them. They taught lots of punctuation for example:

  1. .Full stop
  2. , comma
  • ! Exclamation mark
  1. ? Question mark
  2. ‘ Apostrophe
  3. “” Quotation mark
  • : Colon
  • ; Semi colon etc

We made lots of sentences using punctuation. It was a very good lesson for everybody.

On 10th of September 2014, we recapped yesterday’s class and made lots of sentences using punctuation. Then the Warwick volunteers decided to teach joining words together using apostrophe.

  1. Should not       :        Shouldn’t
  2. She will            :       She’ll
  3. Is not               :        Isn’t
  4. Would not       :        Wouldn’t
  5. Do not             :        Don’t
  6. There is          :        There’s
  7. Does not        :        Doesn’t
  8. I will               :         I’ll
  1. I would          :         I’d
  2. You are         :         You’re

We made lots of sentences using the short forms. It was a new thing for the volunteer teachers and they were very excited about the lesson.


Evening: Ash went to Alampur Village centre, Kim went to Dhauj centre, Cat went to Manger Village centre, and Sara went to Manger Hill centre.  They were very happy to see the improvement in the teachers. Everybody was working very hard.

On 11th of September 2014, we started with yesterday’s recap activity in morning class. Then the Warwick volunteers explained about conversation. We divided into groups and got information from each other, then we were asked to explain the information that we got from each other. It was a creative way to know about the others and explain it.

On 12th of September 2014, the Warwick volunteers planned to make a poster about inspirational things.

As you know everybody has different ideas and things which inspire them so we used this activity to discover our creativity. It went very well; we had lots of fun. We ate Samosas and Jalebi in the mean time.


With Regards,

Madan Lal Sharma



Word search , lesson planning, and Teacher’s day celebration

On 4th of September 2014, we started our morning class with a recap of yesterday’s activity. It was about prepositions. We asked the volunteer teachers to make sentences using prepositions. They all did very well. The Warwick volunteers made preposition word searches as a recap activity.


Then the Warwick volunteers decided the criteria for lesson planning and asked the volunteer teachers to follow these instructions in their lesson planning:

  • An activity that involves the children singing and dancing
  • A resource to help you that is not a book or flash cards
  • A new topic that we have not seen you teach
  • A game for a recap activity that you made up yourself


Everybody found the resources from library and they explained their lesson planning with the resources very well. It is such a great experience for us to learn something new every day. The teachers used lots of resources for example; a world map to teach the countries and charts to teach about weather, days, and dates etc.They explained their own invented games for recap and starter activities.

In the evening: Kim went to Manger Hill centre, Cat went to Manger Village centre, Sara went to Silakari centre and Ash went to Dhauj.  All the volunteer teachers taught well their explanation of resources was appreciable everywhere.




On 5th of September 2014, we celebrated Teachers’ Day. Every year we celebrate it because the second president of India was a teacher. His name was Dr. S. Radha Krishnan. After being a president he decided to celebrate his birthday as ‘Teachers’ Day’, a day where everyone respects and appreciates their teachers. We played cricket in the morning from 6.30 to 8.30.


We had lots of fun that day. We played games and began our morning class with bingo.


We played Twister three times as well.  We had a competition between male and female teachers and male teachers won the game.


We played Chinese Whispers and Wink Murder and in the mean time we had refreshment. We ate samosas and had cold drinks. It was really fun for all of us.


 Lots of love,

Madan  Sharma XXX

1st to 3rd September 2014

On the 1st of September 2014, we began our morning session with the feedback from Fridays class. We had workshops on Friday on two topics: i) Origami and ii) Art and crafts. We implemented these activities in the evening classes as well. The teachers and students enjoyed this very much. Then we learnt the tenses past, present and future; how to change the sentences in different tenses. We made lots of sentences, after that we learnt how to use the resources in the evening classes. The Warwick volunteers gave us ten minutes to find some of the resources from the library. They asked to us explain our resources and how we will use them in our evening classes. All the teachers explained the resources very well. It was a very good experience for all of us. Everybody found the resources they wanted to use in their lessons and explained them. We used a new idea of learning. We can ask the students to find the resources from the community and explain them. It was very interesting and creative. After the explanations of the resources, the teachers all made their lesson plans using the resources. The Warwick volunteers checked them and helped to write the lesson plans. Through this activity we were increasing our presentation skills as well.


Evening: – In the afternoon, the Warwick volunteers went to the centres individually. Kim went to Manger Village, Cat went to Manger Hill, Ash went to Silakari and Sara went to Dhauj centre. Everybody used the resources with the lesson planning and the pupils enjoyed the lessons.

On 2nd of September 2014, we discussed about yesterdays class. All the volunteer teachers liked the resources session very much and they got lots of ideas. After that we recapped the tenses with a mini test we learnt the spelling and pronunciation of ‘sh’. They wrote ship,shape,shop,shed, crash, splash, cash and lots of words with ‘sh’ and Warwick volunteers asked the teachers one by one how to spell and pronunciation of the word.

The second hour we found the resources from library and explained how to use them in our evening classes. Everybody had done very well. It was very useful and encouraging.


Evening: In the afternoon, Sara went to Manger Hill centre, Kim went to Dhauj centre, Ash went to Manger Village centre and Cat went to Silakari centre. I visited four centres and I saw the admirable involvement of the students in the class. They all were enjoying their studies as well.

Today we started the morning class with hand writing, because the students make mistakes when they write the letters. Sometimes they write capital letters in the middle of any word e.g. WaRwIcK.  We used hand writing sheets to help the students with their hand writing. After that the Warwick volunteers started to teach prepositions.  Prepositions describe where something is, for example: – The Laksh farm is in the Manger Village. We learnt today on, in front, far from, in, behind, under, inside, outside, opposite, next to etc. Then the teachers found the resources and planned the lessons for the evening classes. Today we had too much rain here so we could not go to the centres. 


Lots of Love

Madan Sharma

On 27th and 28th of August 2014

On 27th August 2014, we divided our morning class into two sections for example one hour training for teachers and the other hour lesson planning for evening classes. First we discussed about yesterday’s classes and shared feedback. The Warwick volunteers explained the good and bad qualities of a teacher. A teacher must have the following good qualities for effective teaching:

  • Good interaction with all students
  • Proper seating arrangement
  • Good discipline
  • Be happy
  • Self- confidence
  • Determination and regular evaluation


We discussed some bad habits and made suggestions on how to avoid them. The Warwick volunteers taught us a lesson on pronouns and when/how we use them. We made sentences using pronouns, such as him, her, it, them, me, us and you. After that we planned the lessons for evening classes with the different groups. Today Kim and Ash planned lessons with Reetu and Sangeeta for up to class 3. They included foam alphabets in their lesson plan and wanted to show the students how to make some words with foam alphabets, e.g. cat, bat, mat, rat etc. They also used the picture flash cards for alphabets.


Evening: – We divided the Warwick volunteers into two groups. Ash and Kim went to Manger Hill; Sara and Cat went to Manger Village, where we need more hard work.

 On 28th of August 2014, we started off our morning session with a discussion about yesterday’s lessons and got some ideas on how to make the teaching more effective. We recapped yesterday’s topic (pronouns) and started the new topic which was possessive pronouns; mine, yours, his, hers, its, yours, theirs etc.Then we made sentences using the possessive pronouns we learnt, for example: ‘The book is mine’, ‘The dog was theirs’.


 In the second hour of the session, we planned lessons for evening classes. Today we made a lesson plan together as a class, which was:

Starter:- Counting bottles song/ corner game/ ask odd and even number

Activity 1:- Word problems using paper socks

                   Counting with socks

                   Addition with socks

                   Subtraction with socks

Activity 2:- Find out the place value, addition and subtraction with the help of foam numbers

Recap: – Dice games.

Evening: – Today Kim and Ash went to Silakari centre; Sara and Cat went to Alampur centre and I went to Alampur with them. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we need more hard work to build a rapport with the community. There are always lots of students standing outside the centre but they don’t want to come to study. Today they were standing and watching us when we were playing a circle game. We are trying hard to modify their attitude, because at the moment they don’t understand the purpose of Laksh Foundation.

With Regards,