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31st of July 2014

On 31st July 2014 we did lesson planning with Warwick volunteers. In the morning we did maths and English lesson plans.

Morning Class

During the Maths starter we practiced counting from 1 to 20 in different ways. For example, in this exercise we used a ball to count and improve concentration skills. We took turns one by one to practice this exercise and counted in Increasing order. It was very interesting because we learnt how to take the class before starting a lesson. We followed this by preparing a Maths lesson: “Ascending and Descending order”. First of all, we used flash cards to practice counting in increasing order and then we used the same flashcards to count in decreasing order. We all did very well during this exercise and during the 2nd activity we prepared Even and Odd numbers. We played corner games with Even and Odd numbers and then to recap we prepared an exercise to fill the missing in numbers in the box.

English:- This starter was about prepositions. First, we planned to ask who knew what prepositions and wrote them on the board. We told lots of new prepositions and then we started activity 1. In this activity we used objects like a book, ball, note book or a pen and. The prepositions we covered were: on, under, in, next to, behind, in front of opposite etc. In Activity 2 we used the pen as the main object of the English exercise. We suggested that the pupils give the teacher instructions like: ‘ Sir put the pen on the table’ and the teacher will purposefully do a mistake. Then, the pupil will correct the mistake and in this way we can engage the whole class during the lesson and the students will enjoy their study definitely.

For the recap, we practiced sentences with prepositions, for example : “The pen is ………..the book”. The teacher had do the actions with the pen and the book and the pupils had to fill the blanks. We had a big discussion on the different ways of teaching in the morning session today. Ramesh and Sandeep practiced the lesson planning in front of the volunteers and found out the different ways to improve. 


Evening Class

In the evening classes we divided the volunteers into two groups. Molly and Sarah went to Mangar Hill and William and Suzy went to Manger village centre.

They did very well and they were very happy to meet to the children. The volunteers did additional things along with the lesson planning, like Suzy taught areas of rectangle and square and colours name with long sentences like” The red pen on the white note book.   I visited all the centres today and I saw that our team is trying very well to implement the whole planning. The best thing was to see that the students were keen to study in the class .



First Class Activity with Warwick Group 2



This morning together with Will, Molly and Sarah we worked with the local teachers who work in Mangar Village, Mangar Hill, Silakari, Dhauj and Alampur educational centres. We divided the sessions into two parts. During the first half we focused on introductions and later exchanged teaching ideas and methods. We began by working on a Maths counting starter which we followed by an interactive shapes and colours activity. After explaining these exercises we tried them with the teachers which was a huge success! The second part of the training was dedicated to an English lesson which was primarily led by Sarah.

For the evening session we also divided Group 2 into two parts. Sarah and Molly went to Alampur for their first session. Together with Will I went to the Silakari centre where we worked with Sandeep, Mustafa and Shokeen. We started by using the activities that we prepared using the colours and shapes. The learners really enjoyed the interactive element of the activity. In the English session we began by recapping different animals and learning their spellings. We asked the learners to act out animal noises and later taught them the Old McDonald’s (had a farm) song. The whole centre and the teachers were joining in. Towards the end of the session Molly and Sarah joined us for final songs, which included Head and Shoulders (knees and toes) and we played a Laksh version of Simon Says. Overall, our first day proved challenging but we really enjoyed the energy of the children and the dedication of the teachers.